Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Treacherous Williamsburg Intersection
About to See the Light

bedford traffic light

The relentless game of chicken that plays out daily between Williamsburg pedestrians and drivers at the heavily-trafficked junction of Bedford Avenue and North 6th Street is about to end.

Workers from Welsbach Electric have been busy this week digging trenches for a new set of traffic lights and crosswalk signals. Currently the intersection has no means of traffic control - save for painted crosswalks on three sides. Those crosswalks only encourage the Frogger vibe, with drivers unfamiliar with the neighborhood often stopping unnecessarily, and locals flooring it to thread the needle between hapless walkers.

The new traffic signal represents a new opportunity for stoned dazed Williamsburg hipsters to stumble out against a green light, only to glare at oncoming drivers with that glazed "are you really not gonna stop?" look. (In our extensive travels, we've observed that 'Burg pedestrians are perhaps the most prodigious jaywalkers in the nation). Until now, the jaywalking fun's been mostly limited to the light at Bedford and North 7th.