Monday, October 05, 2009

A Burger to Die (on the Cross) For

a burger to die (on the cross) for

Apparently the folks at Bob's - a Brazilian burger chain - have cooked up a Big Mac knockoff that's fit for Jesus Christo Himself. We saw this on Saturday at Rio de Janeiro's international airport. The wall-sized ad shows the 'Big Bob' perched on the outstretched hand of Rio's iconic "Christ the Redeemer" mountaintop statue, as if Jesús is keeping the double-burger handy for the inevitable post-miracle munchies. The slogan below translates roughly to "Brazilian as you like" (we'll leave it at bikini waxing, thanks: Bob's burgers are horrendous).

Gotta wonder if this campaign came out of DDB's Brazil office? You know, the shop that gave us the culturally-sensitive "9/11 was no biggie" pitch to the World Wildlife Fund last month.

Either way, we're sure glad that Christians aren't as touchy about cartoon images of their deity (for burger-peddling purposes or otherwise) as the Muslims, right?