Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Saturday Night Lost


This is all that was left of 25 years of Saturday Night Live sets during a recent visit to the Navy Yard. Faced with (still) hotter-than-Tina-Fey Brooklyn real estate values, long-time SNL set builders Stiegelbauer Associates had the treasure trove of pop-Americana that's been stashed away for years in Building 280, literally jackhammered to bits last month.

Our source told us the warehouse was a veritable encyclopedia of scenic goodness: "when they needed a waterfall for a sketch, the set shop would say, 'Which one? We have three." We're not sure who made the call to purge the place - Stiegelbauer or NBC - but we're sad we found out so late in the game. One of our all-time favorite Seinfeld episodes is the one where Kramer rescues the old Dick Cavett Show set from the trash, and rebuilds it in his apartment, forcing Jerry and other guests to sit for 'interviews' when visiting his place.

Alas, dashed visions of 'Weekend Update' or 'Coffee Talk' in our living room...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The (Hopefully Never Leaning)
Tower of Williamsburg

tower crane

Residents at Kent Avenue and North 6th Street may have a new reason to be living on Edge. Crews worked throughout the weekend installing the neighborhood's first tower crane in recent memory. This particular crane is brought to you by New York Cranes: the same outfit that - you guessed it - owned the two tower cranes that collapsed in separate incidents earlier this year in Manhattan, collectively killing eight people.

While the cause of both collapses remain under investigation, there's been ongoing speculation that the second failure may have been caused by faulty repairs to the crane's turntable - the giant lazy susan that allows the horizontal jib, or working arm, to turn atop the vertical mast.

We're sure the new one being built at the site of the Edge residential development is perfectly safe...though you gotta love that this machine's turntable assembly bears the unlikely serial number "1234".